New in 4D v17 R6


4D for iOS takes your applications to new heights.

Create, edit, and delete: Embrace a world of possibilities.

You can now edit data on your server directly from your iOS device. And that's not all! There's also predefined add, edit, and delete actions to simplify creating these kinds of actions. It's easier than ever to build interactive iOS apps and give your users an experience to remember.

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The 4D developer toolkit has been upgraded.

Discover the advanced debugging abilities now available.

Have you ever felt lost when trying to determine where an error happened in your code? It can be especially difficult when one method calls other methods, which may then call other methods. Well a new command is at your disposal to help you view call chain of methods and give you insight into the executed code. Now it’s much easier to figure out what lead to an error.

What about investigating which processes are the most consuming, or why a database serving dynamic web pages is slow to respond? For this (and more), a new debug logs analyzer tool is available to help you find conflicts in your code and improve the performance of your database.

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ORDA dimensions are still expanding.

Write faster, more refined code.

To further provide you with complete and powerful development tools, an ORDA method has been upgraded so you can build complex search criteria rather than being limited to a simple syntax like "name = Smith". There's even a new ORDA method to further boost your queries, as well as new logging methods to help you debug and optimize your ORDA code and provide a better understanding of sent requests.

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The ever-growing list of 4D View Pro features.

Build advanced documents with these user-first advances.

Want to use collections to read/write hundreds of values or formulas, faster, easier, and at the same time? Want to programmatically customize the style of your 4D View Pro documents? How about creating more user-friendly methods by making them more informative and descriptive? It's all possible, thanks to new 4D View Pro set of features.

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