New in 4D v17 R4


Preemptive. More options, more power.

Unleash the beast within your computers.

Processes can be run preemptively on the client and Begin SQL/ End SQL is preemptive-compliant ... allowing you to really take advantage of the power in your multi-core computer and increase your application’s speed when performing a lot of asynchronous activities.

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4D for iOS

4D for iOS. Even more to offer.

Spice up your mobile app with additional functionalities.

Want to build complex search queries with ease? Simply drag and drop multiple fields into the search area to activate multi-criteria search and display filtered content in the generated app.

Want to go beyond our predefined data formatters? Now you can create your own custom data formatters to give your app a personal touch.

Need to synchronize only the invoices from last year, filtered by region? Say no more, restricted queries are the answer. Embed and display filtered content in your 4D for iOS app.

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4D Language

4D language. New features continue to arrive.

Keep things interesting with new advances.

A new way to work with emails in 4D is up and running. Create eye-catching emails based on HTML, with images, videos, and attachments ... in just a few lines of code.

The latest set of commands to manage your servers is delivered. The ball's in your court to build a fully customized administration interface.

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Write Pro

4D Write Pro. More Pro than ever.

You asked for more features, here they are.

4D Write Pro is getting more feature-rich with every R-release.

Export your documents in .docx format, graphically manage vertical margins thanks to a vertical ruler, set up complex page designs by getting accurate coordinates, and create user-friendly interfaces thanks to virtual structures.

Your documents are taken to a whole new level.

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More user

4D View Pro. New commands, more control.

Interact with your documents by programming.

For those who love to get their hands dirty when handling 4D View Pro documents, new commands are available so you can create ranges and apply human-readable labels to them, and programmatically set and get cell contents.

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